Terms And Conditions

Section 1 General knowledge

1.0 The site WWW.ZARESSI.COM (hereinafter “Site”) is property of ZARESSI.
1.2 The present general terms and conditions (hereinafter the “Terms”) govern the relationship between the Customer (hereinafter “Customer”) and ZARESSI (hereinafter collectively the “Parties”) relating to the purchase of the ZARESSI’ products (hereinafter “Products “) which are offered on the site.
1.3 In view of these conditions, we refer to “Customer” exclusively to the consumer, and in any case to a person that purchases the products for non-professional or business purposes.
1.4 The customer is requested to consult the general provisions of these terms and conditions on the Site carefully. ZARESSI proposes a copy of these terms and conditions via e-mail available to the customer under the following provision of section 5.4 of the present conditions.
1.5 All agreements that are entered with ZARESSI are governed by Dutch law.

Section 2 product Availability

2.1 The products can be purchased online are: ZARESSI’ products. All products are supplied according to availability at the time of order.ZARESSI reserves the right to change the amount and / or the supply of the products that are purchased through the site at any time. The customer is warned if the required product is not available.

Section 3 Product and ordering

3.1 The details and the price of the product are listed in detail on the page that is reserved for each product that is included on the website

3.2 To buy the selected item, the customer must follow the instructions mentioned on the site and fill in the online sale form and send it to ZARESSI. The customer adds the product to his/her “cart” after reading and accepting the shipping expenses, the conditions and the general cancellation policy. The customer then determines the way he / she wishes to pay and then continues with the “buy” button.

3.3 If the customer has improvements or changes that needs to be made to the data in the order, he must follow the on the site mentioned procedure for rectifying the orders, before he completes the order. The customer may correct the number of products that he / she wishes to purchase by adding or removing one or more products to your shopping cart

Section 4 Pricing

4.1 All prices on the site are in euros and include VAT and applicable taxes. Shipping and delivery fees are not included.

4.2 ZARESSI optimally strives to that all pricing information on the site is correct, but can not guarantee that no error occurs. In the event that the price of a product is faulty, ZARESSI provides the customer the ability to order the product at the correct price to confirm or cancel the order. If ZARESSI fails to contact the customer, the order will be considered canceled.

4.3 The ownership of the product purchased through the site is transferred to the customer upon delivery, provided that ZARESSI has received full payment of the goods. The risks of damage to or loss of the product is transferred to the customer at the time of delivery.

Section 5 Purchase Agreement

5.1 The purchase agreement entered by and between ZARESSI and the customer, is considered closed and the parties duly contracted at the time the customer order properly passes – in accordance with the on the site mentioned purchase procedure and after ZARESSI has received the approval of the credit card provider that the payment is accepted. The customer’s order that has been received by ZARESSI is only binding if the entire purchase procedure has been followed properly and correctly, without any errors on the site. ZARESSI is not responsible for any errors, caused by a technical failure of the Internet connection of the customer.

5.2 Through his / her order to pass ZARESSI acknowledges and confirms the customer that he / she has read the instructions in the purchasing process, he grounds it was / accepted knowledge and that he / she fully agrees with the present conditions. By placing his / her order to ZARESSI, the customer acknowledges and confirms that he / she is aware of the instructions in the purchasing process, he / she has accepted them and that he / she fully agrees to the terms hereof.

5.3 The online order form is stored in the database of the site until the order has been fully processed.

5.4 ZARESSI sends the customer an e-mail confirming the receipt of the order placed by the customer. This email will contain contact information in connection with ZARESSI: an overview of the products ordered, the details of the products ordered, the time and date of the order, the price of the products, the shipping and payment method chosen by the customer, a summary of the terms and conditions and of the Privacy Policy are also contained on the Site. The customer should check the content of the e-mail immediately and should immediately notify ZARESSI in case of any errors or other mistakes.

Section 6 Payment

6.1 Customers can pay by credit card ( VISA or Mastercard ) , iDEAL, PayPal, and by bank transfer for the Products and the corresponding delivery costs.

6.2 Transactions are only written off the credit of the Client after the creditcard information is verified; the authorization for the payment of the creditcard booking is received from the issuer of the creditcard used by the Customer, and the availability of the Product by ZARESSI is sufficient, and therefore, the order is ready to be performed.

6.3 At the time of shipment of the order proposal will not be written off, with the exception of any necessary costs for checking the validity of the credit card.

6.4 ZARESSI accepts payments by bank transfer to the following IBAN code: NL10ABNA0580487180. All costs and expenses (including bank charges) related to the bank transfer to the Customer that may be charged by his or her bank, shall be payed by the Customer.

6.5 All costs regarding credit card or PayPal transactions are for the customer and shall not be refunded in any case of a return.

6.6 In the event that for any reason impossible to amounts owed by the Customer to write, the transaction will be stopped and put the sale canceled.

Section 7 Shipping and delivery

7.1 For security reasons the Products purchased via the website will be sent to the address indicated on the credit card. Upon delivery, an adult over 18 years, should be present to sign the delivery documents. Deliveries cannot be delivered to PO Boxes, these orders will not be processed.

7.2 ZARESSI sets for each order made through the site is done an invoice foe the dispatched products and delivers the invoice via e-mail or by registered mail to the customer. For the issuance of the bill ZARESSI refers to the data that the customer has provided. Once the bill is issued, no further changes can be made.

7.3 The shipping and delivery costs are the responsibility of the customer and are clearly indicated on the online form. The shipping and delivery expenses may vary depending on the location and the nature of the requested shipping method

7.4 All products are sent via our courier company (hereinafter “courier company”) and will be sent the day after the day on which the availability of the product is confirmed and the amount of the order is debited. The order is sent between Monday and Friday, excluding local and national holidays and public holidays. ZARESSI can not be held responsible for unpredictable delays, notwithstanding that the product, except in cases of force majeure, to be delivered within a maximum period of thirty (30) days after the customer has placed his / her order to ZARESSI. Unless the waiting time is otherwise indicated on the order.

7.5 For all PayPal transaction, the entire order will solely be shipped to the PayPal shipping address of the customer.

7.6 For the delivery of the products, the customer or his / her authorized person needs to be at the address indicated in the order. If the courier offers the delivery to the customer, the customer must verify: that the number of boxes equal to the number specified in the shipping documents; that the packaging is not damaged or wet or has any other damage. All damage to the packaging or to the products or any deviation between the actual number of boxes delivered and the number of boxes indicated on the transportation document, must be reported immediately by written note on the delivery documents from the courier company. Once the customer the transport document of the courier company has signed, he cannot object to submit what the external characteristics of the delivered goods. 7.6 In the event that ZARESSI, because of sudden and temporary non-availability of the products, is not able to deliver the goods, ZARESSI shall notify the customer of this without undue delay and in any event within thirty (30) days by e-mail. The amount paid by the customer will be refunded as soon as possible and in any case within thirty (30) days after receipt of the return by ZARESSI.

Section 8 Returns and cancellation

8.1 ZARESSI does not pay the costs, connected with the customer-returned non-worn, unused and undamaged products that are accompanied by the relevant account, back. The repayments are made in the same form as used for the payments. The purchased goods within should be returned within a maximum of fourteen (14) days after the delivery date. The products purchased online cannot be reduced in outlets or returned. The delivery costs are not refundable. If the security seal to the shoe is removed or damaged, the returned product is not refundable.

8.2 All shipping costs for returning the products are to be paid by the customer; the costs incurred by the customer in connection with returning the products makes, are non-refundable.

8.3 ZARESSI reserves the right to refuse returned goods which are not in conformity with the provision of the above paragraph 8.1 .

8.4 Each delivery contains easy to follow instructions to return the products. ZARESSI undertakes the customer punctually within fourteen (14) days of the request for the written order to be cancelled and after receipt of the goods. As soon as the refund is carried out, ZARESSI will send a confirmation email.

8.5 ZARESSI recommends for returning the products a delivery company that provides a tracking number to track the shipment. ZARESSI cannot be held responsible for any refund or reimbursement of products that have been lost, stolen or damaged.

8.6 The customer has the right to itself without any penalty and without giving any reasons to cancel the contract within a period of fourteen (14) working days after receipt of the products.

8.7 The customer may withdraw from this agreement and shall deliver a written notice to the following address: sales@zaressi.com the express wish of the customer for its right to withdraw from the agreement; the details of the products in connection with which the customer wishes to withdraw; the order number at the time of the sale was awarded. The above notification may, within the above-mentioned period of fourteen (14) working days also be sent by telegram, telex, fax with the sole condition that the notification by registered letter with return receipt within the following 48 hours.

8.8 If the customer decides to cancel the order change or passed, it shall, without delay, send an e-mail to the following address: sales@zaressi.com.

8.9 ZARESSI does not accept any returns of damaged goods. If a product returned to the ZARESSI Online Boutique has been damaged by the customer, ZARESSI can make a offer for a replacement. All service for damaged ZARESSI by fault of customer are out of the warranty and ZARESSI cannot be held responsible for this.

8.10 It may take up to 30 days before the refund is complete. For returning orders within the Netherlands we will charge an administrative fee of € 20,- For returning orders within the European Union we will charge an administrative fee of € 35,- Please note: Refund deducted with the administrative fee is initiated within 1 week. ZARESSI is doing all it can to make the customer happy. As soon as the product is shipped, the order cannot be changed or cancelled until the products have been returned duly to ZARESSI.

Section 9 Swapping items

9.1 Swapping a on the site purchased product happens in two, easy steps. First step: create an online selection to the substitute item to identify and purchase that item. Second step: return the original article and to do this, follow the procedure described in previous article. Please note that the returned item must be in its original state at ZARESSI to forward and that new orders are subject to the condition that the goods are available at ZARESSI. The shipping costs for returned items are the responsibility of the customer. Please to contact ZARESSI via sales@zaressi.com to ensure that you never pay extra shipping for the substitute item. The exchanged products are sent via our courier at no additional charge.

Section 10 Errors and mistakes

10.1 ZARESSI is committed to the information on the site is constantly up to date. ZARESSI can not guarantee that the site is absolutely flawless. There may be typos, mistakes, inaccuracies in the site appeared, some of which may relate to the price of the product, the product availability and/or the particulars of the products. ZARESSI reserves the right to correct the errors and inaccuracies, also after the order has been passed and further reserves the right for the information on the site at any time without prior notice to improve or change.

10.2 If a product purchased at ZARESSI contains a defect, the customer must immediately contact customer service at the following address: sales@zaressi.com

10.3 If the customer is dissatisfied and/or there is a deviation from the passed by the customer, the customer must gather all documents, the product and packaging to keep with him and immediately contact ZARESSI via the following e-mail address: sales@zaressi.com

Section 11 Authenticity Guaranteed

11.1 ZARESSI guarantees the authenticity of all products ordered through the site be purchased. Products that carry the ZARESSI label, are made with the finest materials and by the best craftsmen.

11.2 The original ZARESSI products are sold exclusively on the internet through the site WWW.ZARESSI.COM. All intellectual property rights such as trademarks, service marks, brands and copyrights are exclusive property of ZARESSI. No page or other contents of the site may be reproduced without the prior written permission of ZARESSI.


12.1 The Agreement between the Buyer and the Seller is governed by Dutch law.

Section 13 Contact

13.1 For any further information and assistance on the Site and to buy online please contact us at the following email address: sales@zaressi.com

13.2 Company Information

  • Chamber of Commerce: 62731742
  • VAT: NL854935174B01


ZARESSI will be entitled to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time. The most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions will be placed on the Website. The customer must always consult these General Terms and Conditions before using the Website. If the customer is unable to consult the General Terms and Conditions via the Internet ZARESSI will send the customer a copy of the most recent version of the General Terms and Conditions by e-mail.